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Table 3 Number of TB patients who tested positive for anti-HHV-8 antibodies in plasma and in peritoneal or pleural effusion samples

From: Human herpesvirus type 8 in tuberculosis patients with effusion

  Plasma Effusion P value
IFA + a 10/38 (26.3 %) 13/38b(34.2 %) 0.45c
Anti-HHV-8 titers    0.50d
1:40 7 10  
1:80 3 3  
  1. HHV-8, human herpesvirus type 8; IFA, immunofluorescence assay; TB, tuberculosis
  2. aPositive in the IFA. bEffusion specimens of 2 of the 40 TB patients with effusions were unavailable. cχ2 test. dMann-Whitney test