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Table 2 aPattern of mobile phone use among 203 clinicians in ICUs, PICUs, and NCUs in public secondary care hospitals in Kuwait, 2013

From: Microbiological contamination of mobile phones of clinicians in intensive care units and neonatal care units in public hospitals in Kuwait

Use more than one mobile phone (yes)  
  n (%)
  15 (7.4)
Answering mobile phone calls:  
  In the ICU, PICU or NCU n (%)
  Never 15 (7.4)
  Sometimes 145 (71.4)
  Always 43 (21.2)
  In other areas in the hospital n (%)
  Never 2 (1.0)
  Sometimes 99 (48.8)
  Always 102 (50.2)
Use of mobile phone at bedside to: n (%)
  Search for medical information 113 (55.7)
  Take photos of cases 111 (54.7)
  1. aICUs: intensive care units; PICUs: pediatric intensive care units; NCUs: neonatal care units