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Table 4 Attitude/beliefs towards CHD risk and current practices towards CHD prevention

From: Cardiovascular health knowledge and preventive practices in people living with HIV in Kenya

Attitudes towards CHD prevention Number Percent
 Changing lifestyle behavior will cut down my chances of developing heart diseases (HBM Self efficacy) 131 (41)
 I am at risk for heart disease. (HBM perceived risk) 208 (31)
 Heart disease is preventable 37 (12)
 My present weight is too high for my health 29 (10)
 I need to cut down on the amount of food I eat 27 (9)
Current practices towards cardiovascular health   
 In the past year, have you   
  Had your blood pressure measured 300 (100)
  Tried to cut down weight 11 (4)
  Increase physical activity/exercise 9 (3)
  Had cholesterol or blood sugar checked 8 (3)
  Attempted to cut down on unhealthy foods 7 (2)
  Reduce/quit smoking 1 (1)
  1. Questions on attitude towards CHD prevention were based on a 5-scale likert questions (strongly disagree, disagree, I do not know, agree and strongly agree. We classified five options into three categories as ‘agree, ‘disagree’ and ‘I do not know’. Only ‘strongly agree’ and ‘agree’ answers were merged and presented in the table