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Table 4 Identification of novel hsp65 sequevar codes and hsp65 SNPs among “M. indicus pranii” and M. intracellulare clinical strains compared to the M. intracellulare type strain

From: Molecular analysis of clinical isolates previously diagnosed as Mycobacterium intracellulare reveals incidental findings of “Mycobacterium indicus pranii” genotypes in human lung infection

hsp65 codea Species or strain Nucleotide at the indicated base pair position (hsp65)b No. of isolates
192 198 249 279 285 459 477 555 633 726 804 921 933 1011 1191 1371 1423 1467
Code 10 M. intracellulare ATCC13950 G G C G T C C C G C C C T G G G C C 9
Code 11 M. intracellulare FCC1804 T 13
Code 12 M. intracellulare 96006 T 0
Code 13 M. chimaera MI-JC T T T C T 48
Code 14 M. intracellulare 90331 A T 2
Code N4c M. intracellulare clinical isolate 64 T A T T C T T 1
Code N5c M. intracellulare MOTT36Y A G G C T G C C C 1
Code N6c M. indicus pranii” MTCC9506 G C C 3
  1. aClassification according to Turenne et al. [33]
  2. b • indicates the same base pair as in code 10; New base pair position found in this study are indicated by bold font
  3. cNew code types found in this study are designated by code N4, N5, and N6