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Table 3 Re-identification using multigene sequence-based typing, distribution of hsp65, ITS sequevar analysis, and insertion elements

From: Molecular analysis of clinical isolates previously diagnosed as Mycobacterium intracellulare reveals incidental findings of “Mycobacterium indicus pranii” genotypes in human lung infection

  M. intracellulare (MI) M. indicus pranii” (MIP) Comparison between MI and MIP
Identification and diagnosis by    
 Non-sequencing method (PRA) 77 0 Identical
 Multigene sequence-based typing 74 3 Different
  16S rRNA    Identical
  ITS    Identical
  rpoB    Different
  hsp65    Different
Molecular characterization    
 Distribution of hsp65 sequevar    Differenta
  Code 10 9 0
  Code 11 13 0
  Code 13 48 0
  Code 14 2 0
  Code N4 1 0
  Code N5 1 0
  Code N6 0 3
 ITS sequevar Min-A Min-A Identical
 Insertion elementsb    Identical
  IS900 - -
  IS901 - -
  IS1311 −/+c -
  DT1 + +
  1. PRA, PCR restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis, ITS internal transcribed spacer
  2. aTwo species were not distinguished by previously published hsp65 code, but code N6 identified in this study was different between the two species
  3. bPCR results of insertion element are indicated as positive(+) or negative(−)
  4. cFour isolates identified as M. intracellulare were positive for IS1311