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Table 2 Thematic network: from codes to global theme

From: A good patient? How notions of ‘a good patient’ affect patient-nurse relationships and ART adherence in Zimbabwe

Basic Themes (codes) Issues discussed within basic themes Organising themes Global Theme
- Nurses police adherence • It is the nurses responsibility to monitor adherence. 1. Nurse power, patient vulnerability Social representations of a ‘good patient’ that govern nurse-patient relationships and facilitate/undermine ART adherence
- Nurses are powerful • Nurses are in a powerful position compared to rural, poor and uneducated patients.   
- Patients powerless    
- Nurses are frightening    
  • ARV users are not in a position to assert their needs or dissatisfaction.   
- Nurses reprimand • Nurses are powerful mediators between doctor and patients. 2. Distressing situations patients seek to avoid  
- Young nurses    
  • Young nurses appear more authoritarian.   
- Nurses treatment power    
  • Nurses have the power to undermine doctors.   
- Punishments • Nurses can decide to punish patients if they do not behave as expected.   
- Nurse expectations    
- Clinic visits • Patients do not know what their monthly clinic visit will be like 3. Predictably unpredictable clinic visits  
- Worry    
- Waiting time    
- Unpredictability • Patients often have to wait for a long time to be seen.   
  • Patients try to make the best out of their visits to the clinic.   
- Well behaved • ARV users should comply with the instructions given, including attend timely review dates 4. Representations of a ‘good patient’ and why patients seek to perform within them.  
- Follow instructions    
- Obedient    
- Timely review dates    
- Is taking drugs timely • ARV users should be obedient to nurses   
- Being positive    
- Being good natured • ARV users should be positive and content with the service received   
- Wait patiently    
- Honesty    
- Listening closely    
- Committed to treatment • ARV users should be open, honest and accept help readily   
- Clean and smart • ARV users have sourced out what nurses would like from them and maintain a good relationship by living up this.   
- Negotiating a good relationship    
- ‘Good patients’ do better    
  • ARV users should be clean and well dressed