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Fig. 3

From: Development and comparative evaluation of two antigen detection tests for Visceral Leishmaniasis

Fig. 3

Performance of Leishmania Antigen ELISA. a. Standard curve representing means of the signals obtained in the Leishmania Antigen ELISA using the calibrated standards provided with the kit. b. Performance of Leishmania Antigen ELISA on urine samples from VL patients in Ethiopia (n = 46), Sudan (n = 64), Bangladesh (n = 13) and Brazil (n = 43) compared to NEC (n = 49), EC from Bangladesh (n = 10) and OD (n = 30). OD consists of samples from patients with HAT (n = 10), P. falciparum malaria (n = 10) and tuberculosis (n = 10) in UAU/mL. Lines represent median

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