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Table 3 Estimated total tOPV and bOPV vaccine needs based on the global model [25] with different assumptions about the type of vaccine used for SIAs and different SIA frequencies (not including vaccine needed for outbreak response activities) for options that prevent cVDPVs after OPV cessationa

From: Managing the risk of circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus during the endgame: oral poliovirus vaccine needs

Vaccine, time period RI doses (billions) SIAs doses (billions) Total global needs (billions)
tOPV, January 1, 2015 –April 1, 2016 0.8 2.6 3.4
bOPV January 1, 2016 – April 1, 2019    
- No reduction in frequency 2.3 5.6 8.0
- Medium reduction in frequency 2.3 3.9 6.2
  1. aThe model assumes feasibility of OPV2 cessation in April 2016, and any delay in that date will add additional doses of tOPV