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Table 1 Examples of STI testing and management strategies used by the ACCHS

From: A sexual health quality improvement program (SHIMMER) triples chlamydia and gonorrhoea testing rates among young people attending Aboriginal primary health care services in Australia

Goal Strategy Who
To increase chlamydia & gonorrhoea testing Add chlamydia & gonorrhoea testing to the adult health checka template Practice manager
  Offer more Adult Health Checks to 15–29 year olds All clinic staff
  Offer testing to any females or male aged 15–29 years All clinic staff
  Offer testing to any female aged 15–29 years who attends for a Pap smear, a pregnancy test, contraception or antenatal care All clinic staff
  Place laminated reminders to test 15–29 year olds near urine pots kept in consult rooms and stock room. Attached laminated reminder to test where pregnancy kits are kept Practice manager
Place laminated reminder to test next to contraceptive devices (e.g. Implanon, contraceptive pills)
Improve STI re-testing Anyone who tests positive for chlamydia and/or gonorrhoea - enter recall into patient system for a re-test 3-months after treatment All clinic staff
Anyone aged 15–29 years who tests negative - Enter recall into patient system for re-test in 12 months.
Place laminated signs in treatment cupboard to enter recall into patient system for a re-test 3 months after treatment of chlamydia or gonorrhoea
  1. aAdult health check is a general health assessment used by ACCHS