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Table 2 Multivariable model of factors affecting a GP’s willingness to deliver LTBI treatment in primary carea

From: Treating latent TB in primary care: a survey of enablers and barriers among UK General Practitioners

Factor OR (95 % CI) p-value
bYears of GP experience 1.01 (0.95–1.07) 0.81
cTB perceived as a problem in the GP’s practice population 1.62 (0.43–6.14) 0.48
cPrevious experience of screening or treating active or latent TB 9.98 (1.22–81.51) 0.03
  1. aonly factors that yielded p < 0.05 in univariable analysis were included in the multivariable model
  2. bcontinuous numerical variable; cbinary variable (Yes/No)