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Table 1 Micro-organism names, strains and relevant NCBI references to sequences

From: CpG DNA analysis of bacterial STDs

Bacteria Disease Strain NCBI reference sequence
H. ducreyi Chancroid HP35000 NC_017456.1
C. trachomatis Chlamydia E/11023 NC_017431.1
C. trachomatis Chlamydia E/150 NC_017439.1
C. trachomatis Chlamydia E/SW3 NC_017952.1
C. trachomatis LGV L2b/UCH-1 NC_010280.2
N. gonorrhoeae Gonorrhea FA 1090 NC_002946.2
N. gonorrhoeae Gonorrhea NCCP11945 NC_011035.1
N. gonorrhoeae Gonorrhea TCDC-NG08107 NC_017511.1
T. pallidum Syphilis DAL-1 NC_016844.1
T. pallidum Syphilis SS14 NC_010741.1
T. pallidum Syphilis Chicago NC_017268.1
T. pallidum Syphilis Mexico A NC_018722.1
M. genitalium Non-gonococcal urethritis G37 NC_017456.1
M. genitalium Non-gonococcal urethritis M2288 NC_018498.1
M. genitalium Non-gonococcal urethritis M2321 NC_018495.1
M. genitalium Non-gonococcal urethritis M6282 NC_018496.1
M. genitalium Non-gonococcal urethritis M6320 NC_018497.1
G. vaginalis Bacterial vaginosis 409-05 NC_013721.1
G. vaginalis Bacterial vaginosis ATCC 14019 NC_014644.1
G. vaginalis Bacterial vaginosis HMP 9231 NC_017456.1
M. hominis Bacterial vaginosis ATCC 23144 NC_013511.1
U. urealyticum Bacterial vaginosis ATCC 33699 NC_011374.1
E. coli - ABU 83972 NC_017631.1
L. crispatus - ST1 NC_014106.1
L. gasseri - ATCC 33323 NC_008530.1