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Table 8 Feedback from health workers provided via post-study questionnaires and focus group discussions

From: Developing a community-led SMS reporting tool for the rapid assessment of lymphatic filariasis morbidity burden: case studies from Malawi and Ghana

Feedback from health workers
“The community [has] been very happy with the programme and enjoyed it. There is a great linkage between the HSA and the community.” Male HSA, Malawi, aged 26-35
“The programme is very important because these patients will be assisted accordingly; it is encouraging [the] relationship between the HSA and the community” Male HSA, Malawi, aged 26-35
“It is fast information, and it is easy to get good data in our catchment area.” Male HSA, Malawi, aged 26-35
“It has helped health workers to meet hydrocoele and lymphoedema cases.” Female HSA, Malawi, aged 26-35
“my relationship with the community has improved due to the study and feel happy that [I] could give management advice” CHW, Ghana
“I am happy that the burden of my community is now known” Female CHW, Ghana aged 46-55
“My community will profit from this method of surveillance” Male CHW, Ghana aged 65+