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Table 2 Contrasting miliary and local hepatic TB

From: A systematic review of hepatic tuberculosis with considerations in human immunodeficiency virus co-infection

  Miliary Hepatic TB Local Hepatic TB
Prevalence 79% 21%
Infection origin Lungs Gastrointestinal system
Dissemination Hepatic artery Portal vein
Tubercle size 0.6-2.0 mm in diameter >2.0 mm in diameter
Location of tubercles Lobules of liver Near portal triad
Clinical signs/symptoms Cough, sputum production, hepatomegaly Weight loss, hepatomegaly, jaundice
Diagnosis CT scan; liver biopsy is less helpful Liver biopsy more helpful
CT findings Multiple, dispersed, low-density micronodules Large, low-density nodules with calcification and peripheral enhancement
Treatment 4-drug regimen 4-drug regimen; consider drainage of abscess or surgery
  1. TB = Tuberculosis; CT = Computerized tomography.