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Table 3 AAD related outcome and actions

From: Prevalence and management of antibiotic associated diarrhea in general hospitals

AAD related investigations n = 71
Standard bacteriological investigations (n) 27
Specific for clostridium (n) 66
Other bacteriological investigations (n) 6
Additional investigations (endoscopy) (n) 1
AAD related treatment n = 71
Patient isolation in single room (n) 10
Pharmacological treatment  
-Probiotics (enterol) (n) 9
-Antidiarrheal (loperamide) (n) 9
-Antibiotics (n) 1
-Antiparasitics (flagyl) (n) 3
IV hydration (n) 12
AAD related nursing care  
Extra daily nursing care time median (range) 51.3 (5-154)