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Table 3 Explanations by cases for non-attendance at follow-up

From: Barriers to adherence with tuberculosis contact investigation in six provinces of Vietnam: a nested case–control study

  n (%)
Total 105+  
Case responses*   
        The distance from my house to the clinic is too far 43 (41%)
        I am worried about harmful effects of X-ray 28 (27%)
        I prefer to be examined in a private clinic instead 20 (19%)
        I am worried about discrimination from other people towards myself and my family 28 (27%)
        The patient in my house recovered, so follow-up screening is not necessary 33 (32%)
        I initially forgot the scheduled appointment 73 (70%)
        The initial screening was negative, so I did not see the need for further screening 25 (24%)
        It was time consuming, and difficult to get time off work or study 45 (43%)
  1. +The denominator for individual questions differs slightly for each question, based on the number of valid responses. *Indicates an affirmative response.