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Table 1 Study population and input parameters (all costs are expressed in 2012 Euros)

From: Modelling the return on investment of preventively vaccinating healthcare workers against pertussis

  Value Source
Study population (n)   
Fathers 20 *
Lactating mothers 13 *
Non-lactating mothers 7 *
Newborns 20 *
Parents per child 2 *
Average weight newborn (in kg) 2.2 [22]
Staff members 133 *
Medical consumption   
Erythromycin cost per vial (solution of 20 mg) €0.16 [16]
Erythromycin cost per tablet €0.34 [16]
Azithromycin cost per tablet €0.53 [16]
Laboratory investigation   
Number of PCRs performed:   
Children 20 *
Staff members 24 *
PCR costs per unit €106.38 [18]
Number of serological tests performed:   
Children 20 27 * *
Staff members   
Serological test cost per unit €48.96 [23]
Outbreak control management   
Crisis meetings in the hospital 5 *
Duration of a crisis meeting (in minutes) 60 *
Personnel present at every crisis meeting:   
Nurses 7 *
Neonatologists 1 *
Assistants 2 *
Amount of surgical masks used during the outbreak period 24 *
Costs per unit surgical mask €1.22 [24]
Replacing sick staff members   
Average working hours of nurses per week 32 [14]
Number of staff members not able to work for three days after performing the PCR test. Assumed they were all nurses 5 *
Number of hours of nurses absence due to the PCR test 68.57 Calculated
Number of staff members absent from the neonatology ward for one week. Assumed they were all nurses. 4 *
Number of hours of nurses absence due to illness (i.e. sick leave) 160 Calculated
Restrictions patient uptake   
Regular occupation of the neonatology ward, patients per day 15 *
Average length of stay of neonates in neonatology ward (in days) 14 * & Personal communication
Average number of patients admitted on the neonatology ward per day 1,071 Calculated
Length of patient restriction uptake on the neonatology ward (in days) 10 *
Number of empty bed-days due to ward closure during the restriction period 58.93 Calculated
Cost per patient per day due to patient restriction €798.18 [23]
Reduced workforce due to patient uptake restrictions   
Average number of nurses & assistant working/day in the neonatology ward 30 *
Average number of consultant working/day in the neonatology ward 10 *
Average number of neonatologists working/day in the neonatology ward 6 *
Reduced working force due to ward closure:   
On day 1 0% Assumed
On day 2 5%  
On day 3 10%  
On day 4 15%  
On day 5 and onwards 20%  
Reduced working hours due to ward closure   
Nurses 360 Calculated
Others 120  
Neonatologists 0  
Preventive vaccination   
Infanrix IPV® costs €34.50 [20]
Staff members vaccinated 133 *
Average number of new personal in neonatology ward /year (in %) 10 Assumed
Average number of new personnel in neonatology ward /year (absolute) 13.30 Calculated
Booster vaccination after years 8 [21]
Tariff personnel   
The costs for the employer are higher than the tariffs paid to the employees, we therefore multiplied the costs per hour by 2.0 Assumed
Tariff per hour/nurses €64.78 [15]
Tariff per hour/neonatologists €155.04 [15]
Tariff per hour/others €62.54 [15]
  1. *During the outbreak period, these data were collected by the occupational health service department of the AMC. In this paper we named this information the AMC database.