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Figure 3

From: Genetic diversity of medically important and emerging Candida species causing invasive infection

Figure 3

Unrooted Bayesian consensus phylogenetic tree of rDNA ITS haplotype representatives ofCandidaspp. Species names were identified according to anamorphic nomenclature. Posterior probabilities and bootstrap values are depicted in the main nodes (pp/bootstrap). The Bayesian tree was inferred from 2 million generations with a 50% burn-in, and runs were saved every 100 generations. The average standard deviation of the split frequencies was 0.008203. The selected model was fA = 0.274572, fC = 0.203973, fG = 0.223583, and fT = 0.297972 with the rate matrix [A–C] = 0.151397, [A–G] = 0.142740, [A–T] = 0.199583, [C–G] = 0.112413, [C–T] = 0.269359 and [G–T] = 0.124502. The shape parameter of the gamma distribution was alpha = 1.517708, and the proportion of invariant sites was I = 0.196504.

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