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Figure 1

From: Genetic diversity of medically important and emerging Candida species causing invasive infection

Figure 1

Analysis of nucleotide sequence variation of rDNA ITS in medically importantCandidaspp. Polymorphic sites in ITS1-5.8S-ITS2 rDNA were evaluated along the total sequence lengths for the following species for the assessment of the percentage of nucleotide variation per site, for which the sequences of the clinical strains were compared with the sequence of the reference or type strain for each species: (A)C. albicans (447 bp, 78 sequences), (B)C. tropicalis (437 bp, 41 sequences), (C)C. glabrata (803 bp, 48 sequences), (D)C. parapsilosis (sensu stricto) (430 bp, 35 sequences), (E)C. orthopsilosis (426 bp, 32 sequences), and (F)M. guilliermondii (516 bp, 22 sequences).

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