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Table 3 Positively-selected sites in the HA genes of clade 2.3.2 virus

From: Spatial, temporal and genetic dynamics of highly pathogenic avian influenza A (H5N1) virus in China

Group Year Vaccine M7 M8 Positively selected sites by BEB (>50%) Positively selected sites by FEL (P<0.05)
lnL lnL
I 2003-2004 None −2649.7 −2649.6 None  
II 2005-2006 Re-1 −4227.7 −4224.5 145,154,156,157,171,172,194,204,205 156,171,172,199,205,216
II 2005-2007 Re-1, Re-4 −4872.9 −4868.6 61,136,145,154,156*,157,170,171,172,178,199,200,204,205 56,61,69,131,136,154,156,172,199,204,205
III 2007-2008 Re-1, Re-4 −3807.5 −3806.1 None  
III 2007-2011 Re-1, Re-4, Re-5 −5008.7 −5007.1 None  
III 2009-2011 Re-4, Re-5 −4035.2 −4033.8 None  
  1. Note. Sites inferred under selection at the 90% level are listed in bold, and those at the 95% level are marked with an asterisk.
  2. The posterior probability and P value in LRT with null hypothesis of the site are shown in parenthesis for the BEB and FEL analyses, respectively.