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Table 3 Characteristics and outcomes of study participants with TB-HIV co-infection

From: Pulmonary tuberculosis in outpatients in Sabah, Malaysia: advanced disease but low incidence of HIV co-infection

Study participant New HIV diagnosis made at time of TB diagnosis CD4 T cell count: cell/μL Clinical details
57 year old Indigenous Malaysian male Yes 328 Commenced on AZT, 3TC and efavirenz. TB cured.
22 year old Filipino female No (diagnosed 1 year prior) 123 Migrant not eligible for free HIV treatment who had previously defaulted from antiretroviral therapy; remains under follow up with a view to re-start antiretrovirals if possible.
19 year old Indigenous Malaysian male Yes 1 Attended HIV clinic for baseline assessment but did not return for results or commencement of treatment. Died in hospital with cerebral mass lesion 4 months after TB-HIV diagnosis, attributed to presumptive cerebral toxoplasmosis, with a differential diagnosis of cerebral tuberculoma.