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Table 5 Knowledge of hepatitis B vaccine among health care workers of Bahir Dar city administration, August 2012

From: Hepatitis B vaccine knowledge and vaccination status among health care workers of Bahir Dar City Administration, Northwest Ethiopia: a cross sectional study

Statement True
Number (%)
There is effective vaccine to prevent hepatitis B infection (n = 361) 337 (93.4)
Hepatitis B vaccine can be given as post-exposure prophylaxis (n = 346) 172 (49.7)
Hepatitis B vaccine is contra indicated for immune compromised patients (n = 351) 168 (47.9)
Hepatitis B vaccine is effective to treat patients with acute hepatitis B infection (n = 352) 89 (25.3)
Hepatitis B vaccine is highly effective in preventing hepatitis B infection if given within 48 hours after exposure (n = 336) 181 (53.9)
Hepatitis B vaccine should be given to health care workers as part of work place safety (n = 363). 333 (91.7)
Full course of hepatitis B vaccine may give lifelong immunity but for Health professionals, one further booster after 5 years of the first dose is recommended (n = 345) 205 (59.4)
After taking full dose vaccination of hepatitis B, there is no need for a blood test to confirm immunity against hepatitis B (n = 351) 126 (35.9)
Full dose hepatitis B vaccine provides 100% protection for 90% of adults (n = 345) 288 (83.5)
Full dose hepatitis B vaccine protects against HBV for at least 15 years (n = 345) 217 (67.2)
Hepatitis B vaccine causes problems if given to people who are already immune (n = 354) 108 (30.5)
Hepatitis B vaccine is recommended for all health care workers (n = 343) 241 (70.3)
  1. Numbers in () correspond to the number of answers given.