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Table 4 Barriers to treatment adherence from the qualitative component of the study–as derived from focus group discussions and in-depth interviews

From: Determinants of antiretroviral adherence among HIV positive children and teenagers in rural Tanzania: a mixed methods study

Category Treatment adherence barriers
Stigma related factors ▪ Fear of disclosure of child’s status to the teachers and family members by parents
▪ Segregation by teachers and other children
Lack of supportive environment at home ▪ Inadequate support from parents
➢ Parents move to farming areas without one to follow up on child’s treatment schedule
➢ Men do not provide enough treatment adherence support
➢ Extended family members do not provide support
Lack of supportive environment from school ▪ Teachers do not provide adequate support to children on ART
Health service delivery factors ▪ Lack of child friendly counseling services
▪ Inconvenient treatment schedule
▪ Longevity of treatment
Patient factor ▪ Forgetfulness
▪ Feeling better