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Table 1 Summary of inclusion and exclusion criteria applied in the literature review

From: Achieving sustained virologic response in hepatitis C: a systematic review of the clinical, economic and quality of life benefits

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
All studies All studies
Published 2003–2014 Conducted exclusively in HIV co-infected patients
Published in English Conducted exclusively in pediatric patients
Conducted in patients with chronic HCV Wrong publication type: letters, case studies, editorials and commentaries were excluded
  Conducted exclusively in patients with genotypes 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6
Clinical studies Clinical studies
Minimum 1 year post-treatment follow-up <100 patients
Report hard clinical endpoints (e.g. overall mortality, incidence of hepatocellular carcinoma) Endpoints limited to biochemical parameters only (e.g. aminotransferase levels only)
Health economic studies Health economic studies
Assessing cost-effectiveness of protease inhibitors versus pegIFN plus ribavirin, pegIFN, IFN or no treatment Assessing pegIFN plus ribavirin versus pegIFN, IFN or no treatment
Quality of life studies Quality of life studies
Presentation of quantitative results using a validated quality of life instrument  
  1. HCV, hepatitis C virus; HIV; human immunodeficiency virus; pegIFN, pegylated interferon; IFN, interferon.