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Table 1 The immunization process of BALB/c mice

From: Alpha-galactosylceramide enhances protective immunity induced by DNA vaccine of the SAG5D gene of Toxoplasma gondii

Group Immunization time a
First time Second time Third time
PBS 100 μl 100 μl 100 μl
pEGFP-C1 100 μg 100 μg 100 μg
α-GalCer 100 μl PBS 100 μl PBS 2 μg α-GalCerb
pEGFP-C1-SAG5D 100 μg 100 μg 100 μg
α-GalCer/pEGFP-C1-SAG5D 100 μg 100 μg 100 μg
   pEGFP-C1-SAG5D pEGFP-C1-SAG5D/2 μg α-GalCer
  1. aAll mice were injected three times at two week interval.
  2. b2 μg α-GalCer was diluted with 100 μl PBS before use.