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Table 3 Published studies of adult patients hospitalized with acute respiratory symptoms and RSV infection

From: Respiratory syncytial virus infection-associated hospitalization in adults: a retrospective cohort study

Reference Years of study Type of study Geographic location Population Means of diagnosis
Lee [25] 2009-2011 Retrospective cohort Hong Kong, China 607 adults (≥ 18 years) with acute respiratory infection Immunofluorescence assay, nasopharyngeal aspirates
Widmer [21] 2006-2009 Prospective cohort Tennessee, USA 31 adults ≥ 50 years with respiratory symptoms or non-localizing fever RT-PCR, frozen nasal and throat swabs
Falsey [9] 1999-2003 Prospective cohort New York, USA 132 adults ≥ 65 years with underlying cardiopulmonary disease and acute respiratory symptoms Culture and RT-PCR of nasopharyngeal specimens; and acute and convalescent serology
Dowell [28] 1990-1992 Prospective cohort Ohio, USA 47 community dwelling adults (≥ 18 years) with pneumonia Acute and convalescent serology
Falsey [20] 1989-1992 Prospective cohort New York, USA 145 community dwelling adults ≥ 65 years with acute cardiopulmonary conditions or influenza-like illness Antigen detection, culture on nasopharyngeal specimens; acute and convalescent serology
Vikerfors [30] 1971-1980 Retrospective cohort Orebro, Sweden 57 adults (> 16 years) with pneumonia Immunofluorescence assay on nasopharyngeal secretions; acute and convalescent serology
  1. Abbreviations: RT-PCR, reverse transcriptase PCR; USA, United States of America.