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Table 3 Molecular characteristics of 20 meningococcal isolates from cerebrospinal fluid samples collected in Burkina Faso during the epidemic season of 2012

From: Persistent low carriage of serogroup A Neisseria meningitidistwo years after mass vaccination with the meningococcal conjugate vaccine, MenAfriVac

Serogroup Culture ST-complex ST no PorA FetA No. of isolates
W Pos. 11 11 P1.5,2 F1-1 9
  Pos. 11 2724 P1.5,2 F1-1 1
  Pos. 11 9766 P1.5,2 F1-1 1
  Neg. ND ND P1.5,2 ND 3
X Pos. 181 181 P1.5-1,10-1 F1-31 3
  Neg. ND ND P1.5-1,10-1 ND 1
  Neg. ND ND P1.7,16-46 ND 1
Y Pos. 23 4375 P1.5-1,2-2 F5-8 1
  1. ND, Not determined.