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Table 2 The mediation effect of multiple sexual partners on recreational drug use and HIV/STIs infection of MSM

From: Recreational drug use and risks of HIV and sexually transmitted infections among Chinese men who have sex with men: Mediation through multiple sexual partnerships

Variables X → M M → Y X → Y (X, M) → Y
aOR(95% CI) # aOR(95% CI) # aOR(95% CI) # aOR(95% CI) #
Outcome: HIV infection (Y)     
Drug use (X) 1.69(1.44,1.98)** N/A 1.67(1.31,2.13)** 1.58(1.23, 2.02)**
Multiple partners (M) N/A 1.35(1.06,1.71)* N/A 1.29(1.02,1.64)*
Outcome: syphilis infection (Y)    
Drug use (X) 1.69(1.44,1.98)** 1.24(1.01,1.52)* 1.61(1.29, 2.00)** 1.59(1.28,1.99)**
Multiple partners (M) N/A N/A N/A 1.18(0.96,1.45)
Outcome: HSV-2 infection (Y)     
Drug use (X) 1.69(1.44,1.98)** 1.06(0,85,1.32) 0.96(0.75,1.24) 0.96(0.74, 1.23)
Multiple partners (M) N/A N/A N/A 1.07(0.86,1.33)
  1. Notes: MSM: men who have sex with men; HSV-2: herpes simplex type 2; N/A: not applicable; X: exposure variable; Y: outcome variable; M: mediator; aOR: adjusted odds ratio; CI: confidence interval.
  2. #All multivariate regression models are controlled for the covariates which are significant in bivariate analyses in Table 1, including age, marital status, monthly income and HIV knowledge. *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01.