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Table 4 Two controlled open clinical studies in a total of 148 patients with nitroxoline (NTX) versus norfloxacin (NFX) or cotrimoxazole (CTX); SMX-sulphamethoxazole; TMP-trimethoprim

From: Review of the literature and individual patients’ data meta-analysis on efficacy and tolerance of nitroxoline in the treatment of uncomplicated urinary tract infections

First author Year Pat.(n) Indication (T/P) Antibiotic and dosage Duration Success rate Adverse events
Schülke [67] 1986 51 NTX T: postop., uncompl. UTI 750 mg NTX/d vs. 800 mg NFX/d 3 days 60.8% NTX 59.2% NFX 0%
49 NFX
Dodat [68] 1988 48 children P: postop. UTI (ureteral reflux) 10 mg NTX/kg/d 30–60 days 95% NTX 6% NTX
0–8 years vs. 15 mg SMX/ 3 mg TMP/kg/d 95% CTX 5% CTX
  1. T-therapy; P-prophylaxis, UTI-urinary tract infection.