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Table 4 Independent predictors of mortality*

From: Predictors of hospital mortality among septic ICU patients with Acinetobacter spp.bacteremia: a cohort study

  Corrected risk ratio 95% confidence interval P value
Non-IAAT 1.418 1.099-1.583 0.015
APACHE II 1.056 1.025-1.087 <0.001
Infection source: Urine 0.402 0.155-0.870 0.018
  1. *Factors excluded from the model for collinearity: chronic kidney disease, hemodialysis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes mellitus (collinear with congestive heart failure); hospital-acquired blood stream infection, LOS prior to the onset of sepsis (collinear with prior antibiotics); Charlson comorbidity score (collinear with age)’ mechanical ventilation, vasopressors (collinear with APAHCE II); carbapenem resistance (collinear with non-IAAT).
  2. Factors included but not retained in the model at the p < 0.05: congestive heart failure, chronic liver disease, prior antibiotics, age, prior hospitalization, polymicrobial infection, infection sources urine and abdomen.
  3. IAAT = initially appropriate antibiotic therapy.
  4. AUROC =0.801, Hosmer-Lemeshow p = 0.406.