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Figure 2

From: Repeated measures study of weekly and daily cytomegalovirus shedding patterns in saliva and urine of healthy cytomegalovirus-seropositive children

Figure 2

CMV viral loads per mL as a function of children's ages in months. Panel A shows results for saliva viral loads, and panel B shows results for urine viral loads. Circles are only plotted for children who were shedding; negative results (i.e., below the limit of detection) are not plotted. Blue circles represent saliva results, and yellow circles represent urine results. The regression line in Panel A is log10 (CMV viral load) =6.9-0.095 (age in months), with r2 = 0.39 and P < 0.001; the regression line in Panel B is log10 (CMV viral load) =4.9-0.012 (age in months), with r2 = 0.05 and P = 0.003.

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