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Table 1 Results of the molecular analyses on contact surface samples at different locations in the abattoir

From: Evaluation of the presence and zoonotic transmission of Chlamydia suis in a pig slaughterhouse

Location PCRII ViableC. suis
Pig reception area - -
Slaughtering and bleeding area + +
Pre-washing bath location - -
Dehairing area + +
Cutting/deboning area - -
Carcass splitting area + -
Organ evisceration area - -
Individual weighing area + +
Chilling/hanging room - -
Pig intestine washing room + -
Employee dining room + +
Sanitary facilities at the individual wheighing area + -
Sanitary facilities at the pig intestine washing room + +
Sanitary facilities at the cloakrooms + +
Total (positives/examined) 9/14 6/14
  1. Swabs in DNA/RNA stabilization buffer were used to detect the presence of C. suis DNA by use of PCRI and II. The results of the PCRII analysis are mentioned in column `PCRII’. Swabs in 2-SP medium were inoculated on Vero-cells for evaluation of the presence of viable Chlamydiae. Culture positive chlamydial isolates were analysed using PCRII for subsequent molecular detection of C. suis. Results are shown in column `viable C. suis’. All culture positive samples showed isolation score 1.