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Table 1 Clinical course and therapy

From: Mycobacterium fortuitum skin infections after subcutaneous injections with Vietnamese traditional medicine: a case report

Day History Diagnostics Treatment
-15 Received injections   
-10 Start of symptoms   
  Treatment at local clinic   Unknown
0 Admission, drainage of lesions   
1   Acid-fast bacilli in ZN slide Amikacin IV, clarithromycin
4   Culture positive Amikacin IV, doxycyclin, co-trimoxazole
8   DST results  
   E-test imipenem  
   16S sequence  
14 Defervescene   
15    Imipenem IV, tid
23 New lesions on hands/feet Acid-fast bacilli in ZN slide  
29 New lesions on hands/feet Acid-fast bacilli in ZN slide  
32 New lesions on shoulder/hip ZN/culture negative  
50    Imipenem IV, qid
72 New lesions on shoulder ZN/culture negative  
  Papules on hands/feet   
  Papules on hands/feet   
90 All lesions healed   
120 Discharge   Amoxicillin-clavulanic acid
    Stop after 4 months
  1. Legends: ZN: Ziehl Neelsen; DST: Drug Susceptibility Test; IV: intravenous; tid: ter in die (three time a day); qid: quater in die (four times a day).