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Table 2 Combination intervention strategy interventions compared to standard of care

From: A combination strategy for enhancing linkage to and retention in HIV care among adults newly diagnosed with HIV in Mozambique: study protocol for a site-randomized implementation science study

Intervention Standard of care CIS (CIS, CIS + FI) Barriers targeted by interventions
CD4 testing CD4 (Cyflow, FACS Caliber/Count, POC CD4) at HIV care site laboratory if linkage completed. POC CD4 assays at HIV testing points. Structural
Turnaround time: 1–4 weeks. Turnaround time: immediate.
Accelerated ART initiation Within 1–2 months from linkage. Accelerated ART initiation within 1 week from testing. Biomedical
2-3 counseling sessions, all in HIV care. 2 counseling sessions, one in HCT immediately following POC CD4 test and one in HIV care.
Baseline laboratory tests results obtained prior to initiation. Draw blood for baseline laboratory tests, and initiate prior to results.
Cellular appointment reminders None. SMS appointment reminders for all participants. Behavioral
Non-cash financial incentives None. Pre-paid cellular air time cards. Structural