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Table 2 Parents' knowledge on HPV infection and vaccination; Italy, 2012

From: Exploring reasons for non-vaccination against human papillomavirus in Italy

Questions exploring knowledge n/N %*
HPV may cause cervical cancer (T) 1571/1690 93.0
HPV is a sexually transmitted disease (T) 1295/1675 77.3
HPV may infect you without symptoms (T) 1195/1669 71.6
HPV infections are rare (F) 1167/1661 70.3
HPV vaccines work well if given before sexual debut (T) 1045/1655 63.1
HPV vaccines protect against all HPV types (F) 981/1670 58.7
Sometimes HPV infections can last years (T) 899/1646 54.6
Only women can be infected by HPV (F) 615/1647 37.3
Genital warts are caused by HPV (T) 471/1633 28.8
Most HPV infections resolve spontaneously (T) 320/1662 19.3
  1. *Proportion of parents that replied to each question correctly. The correct answer is indicated among bracket (T = true, F = false).