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Table 4 Urine chemokines/cytokines found to have a significant correlation to Degree of Epithelial Changea

From: Different inflammatory responses are associated with Ureaplasma parvum-induced UTI and urolith formation

Cytokine Rhob Tied Z value Tied P value
GRO/KC 0.370 2.79 0.0053
IL-1β 0.407 3.08 0.0021
MCP-1 -0.270 -2.04 0.042
  1. a) Data was a combination of 5 separate experiments (n = 58).
  2. b) Spearmann correlation analysis was performed on cytokine data from animals inoculated with U. parvum regardless of their clinical profile grouping. Listed Rho values have been corrected for tied lesion scores.