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Table 2 Comparison of model output with available data

From: How to optimize tuberculosis case finding: explorations for Indonesia with a health system model

  Existing data Model output
Mean duration from the first TB symptoms to treatment (weeks) 10.3a 9.3
Proportion (%) of all TB-cases detected as smear positive through DOTS services 39 – 52b 48.0
Proportion (%) of TB patients in the DOTS services eventually cured 81.0c 72.3
Proportion (%) of all TB cases that eventually die 22 – 29d 16.6
  1. Model output and data concern symptomatic pulmonary TB cases; both smear positive and part of smear negatives, with symptoms serious enough to potentially prompt them to seek health care.
  2. a based on an Indonesian TB prevalence survey in 2004 [7].
  3. b based on smear positive cases detected in Jogjakarta province TB program, assuming that all smear positive and between 10%–40% smear negative TB cases are symptomatic.
  4. c the reported cure rate from Jogjakarta provincial TB program in 2005 [9].
  5. d based on the WHO estimated death rate for Indonesia as a whole, after correction for 20% extra-pulmonary TB and a 40% lower death rate in Jogjakarta Province [1].