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Table 1 Characteristics of the expert panel

From: How to optimize tuberculosis case finding: explorations for Indonesia with a health system model

Expert 1: TB project manager with a vast experience in developing public-private mix among hospitals (TB Hospital DOTS Linkage/HDL) in Jogjakarta province since 2000–2005.
Expert 2: Microbiologist who works at the university and as laboratory technical consultant for the TB control program. The expert is also involved in the laboratory capacity strengthening, as a part of the TB Hospital DOTS Linkage project in Jogjakarta. Member of national TB laboratory working group. Has recent experience with the study of TB patients' care seeking behavior in this province.
Expert 3: Urban district TB control program manager with recent experience of conducting a TB patients care seeking behavior study in Jogjakarta province.
Expert 4: Former rural district TB-control program manager who has health promotion expertise and vast experience in health seeking behavior interventions.
Expert 5: Medical doctor who was head of a public health center in Jogjakarta during the daytime and a private practitioner in the evening. As the head of the health center the expert has experience in involving private practitioners in the health center catchment area.