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Table 3 Unit costs (base case) of estimated cost-generating events.

From: Effectiveness and economic analysis of the whole cell/recombinant B subunit (WC/rbs) inactivated oral cholera vaccine in the prevention of traveller's diarrhoea

  Type of events Cost type Estimated cost per unit (€)
Health care Care provided by IVC1 Indirect 24.90
Vaccination Vaccine Direct 32.31
TD Treatment in non-vaccinated Direct 5.552
  Treatment in vaccinated Direct 3.222
  Lost day of vacations Indirect 142.86
  Non-vaccinated (142.86 × 3.59) Indirect 512.862
  Vaccinated (142.86 × 2.57) Indirect 367.142
  1. 1 IVC: International Vacunation Centre
  2. 2Estimated cost by episode