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Table 1 Detailed description of the final questionnaire form

From: Development and assessment of a questionnaire for a descriptive cross – sectional study concerning parents' knowledge, attitudes and practises in antibiotic use in Greece

Parts Description
Demographic data Age, sex, socio – economical status, education level, family status, insurance, number of children, region of living, possible immigration, e.t.c.
Section A (knowledge) Differing antibiotical from symptomatical therapy, defining when parents would ask for antibiotics in case of a URI, stating if antibiotics have side – effects, or if they think that it is easy for the pharmaceutical society to produce consistently new antibiotic drugs.
Section B (attitude) Questions like which symptom and after how long, would lead the parents to ask for antibiotic therapy, or how often and why they would use antibiotics without having consulted a paediatrician yet, are included. Other questions, such as if they would seek for a paediatrician who is more lenient with antibiotic administration, or whether they think that parents' are poorly educated by health campaigns in antibiotic use.
Section C (practises) Quantity of antibiotic parents think that their child consumes compared with other children, or how often they praise the pediatrician who does not administer antibiotics. Furthermore, how often they obtain antibiotic after the pediatrician has approved it by phone without having previously examined the child, or how often they insist on taking antibiotics from the pediatrician, and finally how often the latter explains thoroughly the condition of the child and its pharmaceutical therapy.