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Table 3 Laparoscopic findings in patients with definite or presumptive abdominal TB

From: Clinical and ultrasonographic features of abdominal tuberculosis in HIV positive adults in Zambia

Finding Number CD4 count(s)
Ascites, thick fibrous sheet covering lever, irregular peritoneum and tubercles covering bowel 1 7
Fibroadhesive peritonitis with tubercles covering bowel, omentum, and peritoneum 3 14,48
Ascites, fibroadhesive peritonitis, mesenteric lymph nodes, and tubercles covering small bowel and omentum 1 20
Fibroadhesive peritonitis with irregular peritoneum and matted bowel in ileo-cecal region 1 35
Ascites and white liver ulcerations 1 35
Fibrous stranding in the ileo-cecal region and granulation and ulceration covering spleen 1 41
Ascites, fibroadhesive peritonitis with a mass in ileo-cecal region and tubercles covering liver and peritoneum 1 47
Ascites, a retroperitoneal mass, and tubercles covering the bowel 2 49
Fibroadhesive peritonitis and mesenteric lymph nodes 1 49
Fibrous stranding around liver covered with a few tubercles 1 92
Ascites, fibroadhesive peritonitis and tubercles on bowel 1 103
Fibroadhesive peritonitis with ascites 1 128
Ascites with tubercles covering omentum and liver 1 139
Fibrous stranding around pale liver with small yellow ulcerations 1 214
Ascites, discoloured liver and caseating mesenteric lymph nodes 1 490
Ascites with tubercles covering the parietal peritoneum 1 -
Ascites, peritoneum covered with pus and caseating mesenteric lymph nodes 1 -
  1. - indicates missing CD4 count