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Table 2 Infants who developed extra-renal dissemination of candidal infection from a cohort of 30 infants diagnosed with candiduria

From: Characteristics and outcome of infants with candiduria in neonatal intensive care - a Paediatric Investigators Collaborative Network on Infections in Canada (PICNIC) study

Patient number GA Primary diagnosis Extra-renal site Species Days between positive urine culture and positive culture at extra-renal site Cultures performed between date of positive urine and date of positive culture at extra-renal site1 Therapy between candiduria and positive culture at extra-renal site Outcome of candidal infection Treatment after diagnosis of extra-renal candidal infection
1 26 weeks Prematurity Blood C. albicans 2 1 urine culture positive for C. albicans None Survived 32 days AMP, FCZ and 5FC in various combinations
2 28 weeks Congenital heart disease CNS (at autopsy)2 C. albicans 11 4 negative blood cultures 7 days AMP Died None
3 33 weeks Congenital heart disease Blood C. parapsilosis 41 5 negative urine cultures3 13 days AMP Survived4 28 days AMP and L-AMP
4 37 weeks Congenital heart disease Blood C. albicans 32 5 urine cultures positive for C. albicans and 4 negative blood cultures 26 days AMP, FCZ or both5 Died 4 days L-AMP and FCZ
  1. AMP - amphotericin B deoxycholate; CNS - central nervous system; FCZ - fluconazole; GA - gestational age; L-AMP- lipid-based amphotericin B; 5FC - 5 flucytosine
  2. 1All had a negative blood culture on the day of diagnosis of candiduria
  3. 2Prior to the positive urine culture, had 7 negative blood cultures and 2 negative CSF cultures. Between the onset of candiduria and death had 4 negative blood cultures but cerebrospinal fluid not obtained
  4. 3 Blood culture was not performed initially or until 41 days after the date of the positive urine culture
  5. 4Ultimately died of congenital heart disease
  6. 5There was a 5-day gap after the first 5 days of therapy.