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Table 6 Definition of symptoms reported by the patients

From: Low sensitivity of a urine LAM-ELISA in the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis

Symptoms during 3 months prior to enrolment Definition
Cough Acute or recurrent or persistent, non-remitting act of coughing
Chest pain Discomfort or pain felt between the neck and the upper abdomen
Expectoration Discharging mucus or other material from the respiratory tract by coughing
Fever Subjectively or objectively (≥37.5°C) assessed rise of body temperature
Body weakness Generalized lack of strength
Night sweat Occurrence of excessive sweating at night, usually during sleep
Loss of appetite Decreased appetite despite the body's basic caloric needs
Haemoptysis Coughing up blood from the respiratory tract
Oedema Swelling of the body due to fluid retention, predominantly in the lower legs and ankles