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Table 2 Susceptibility profile of parent, cured, recipient strains and transconjugants derived from strain A15

From: Phenotypic and molecular characterization of Staphylococcus aureus isolates expressing low- and high-level mupirocin resistance in Nigeria and South Africa

Strain Resistance pattern MUP MIC (mg/L) mupA gene
35 IBA (parent) TET, MU (H) >1024 +
35 IBA (CUR) – cured strain TET 0.064 -
A15 (parent) OX, ERY, CDRi, RF, TET, MU (H) >1024 +
A15c A (cured strain of A15) OX, RF, TET, MU (H) >1024 +
A15c D (cured strain of A15) OX, ERY, CDRi, RF 0.0125 -
WBG 541 (recipient strain) RF, FC ND -
TransEry (transconjugant of A15) RF, FC, ERY, CDRi ND -
TransMup (transconjugant of A15) RF, FC, MU (H) >1024 +
TransCad (transconjugant of A15) RF, FC, MU (H), Cad >1024 +
  1. TET – Tetracycline; MU (H) – High-level mupirocin resistance; OX – Oxacillin;
  2. ERY – Erythromycin; CDRi – Clindamycin (inducible resistance); RF – Rifampicin;
  3. FC – Fusidic acid; Cad – Cadmium; ND – Not determined