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Table 3 Coefficients and goodness of fit of a logistic binary model predicting presence and absence of urinary schistosomiasis in different schools of Ogun State, on the basis of observed data of disease and environmental variables: Variables remaining in the equation

From: Geographical information system and predictive risk maps of urinary schistosomiasis in Ogun State, Nigeria

Variable B SE Wald df Sig. Exp (B) 95% C.I. for Exp (B)
Model 1        Lower Upper
LST 0.308 0.124 6.209 1 0.013 1.361 1.068 1.734
Constant -7.766 3.659 4.505 1 0.034 - - -
  1. *df = degree of freedom; SE = standard error; Sig = significance; B = regression coefficient; Exp(B) = odd ratio. Note: Table shows final Model after forward stepwise elimination of non-significant variables.