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Table 4 False negative cases.

From: Development and optimization of quantitative PCR for the diagnosis of invasive aspergillosis with bronchoalveolar lavage fluid

Pt. BAL Culture BAL Histology Clinical Diagnosis Human DNA (ng per reaction) CT scan results and other clinical information
8 negative negative IPA 0.23 from 1 BAL No evidence of IPA in BAL; patchy bilateral infiltrates; lung biopsy 1 week later confirmed IPA by culture and histology
9 positive negative IPA DAH Staphylococcus pneumonia 33 and 72.5 from 2 BALs 1 CFU A. fumigatus in BAL fluid; patchy nodular infiltrates on CT; on ambisome for 10 days prior to bronchoscopy
10 positive negative IPA Legionella CMV pneumonia 10 to 218 from 4 BALs 1 CFU A. niger in BAL with CT scan showing halo sign, IPA confirmed at autopsy
  1. Additional information about false negative (FN) cases as identified by qPCR. Pt.: patient; DAH: Diffuse alveolar hemorrhage; CMV: Cytomegalovirus.