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Table 1 Clinical characteristics and qnr genotype of the qnr-positive isolates

From: Presence of qnr gene in Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae resistant to ciprofloxacin isolated from pediatric patients in China

Number of Strains Specimen Sex Age Diagnoses qnr ESBL
E. coli       
05B239 sputum m 2 months Pneumonia qnrA, qnrB, qnrS -
05C2795 sputum f 15 days Pneumonia qnrA +
05G1844 vulvar secretions f 5 years Vulvitis qnrA, qnrS -
05G1889 urine m 2 months Hydronephrosis qnrA, qnrB +
05SB14 sputum f 24 days Pneumonia qnrS +
05SB25 urine m 5 months UTIa qnrA, qnrB +
05SB47 tracheal f 12 months Pneumonia qnrA, qnrB +
06G60 blood m 3 years ALLb qnrA +
06G62 sputum f 24 days Pneumonia qnrS +
06G99 sputum f 4 months Pneumonia qnrA, qnrB -
06SA30 sputum f 2 months Pneumonia qnrS +
K. pneumoniae       
05C2978 sputum m 9 months Pneumonia qnrB +
05G44 sputum f 1 months Pneumonia qnrB +
05SA32 sputum f 21 months Pneumonia qnrS +
06B295 sputum m 11 days Pneumonia qnrB +
06B700 urine f 4 years UTIa qnrB +
06C3889 sputum f 4 days Pneumonia qnrS +
06C5524 sputum f 3 months Pneumonia qnrB +
06SB60 sputum m 3 months Pneumonia qnrS +
  1. aUTI, Urinary tract infection;
  2. bALL, Acute lymphoblastic leukemia.