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Table 1 Common variants of MBL2 genotyped in the Urban Health Study

From: MBL2and Hepatitis C Virus Infection among Injection Drug Users

Variant dbSNP Identifier Secretor* Amino Acid Change Function
T-1964C rs1031101    
G-618C rs11003125 H/L (aka -550)   H = high, L = low
G-289C rs7096206 Y/X (aka -221)   Y = high, X = low
T-65C rs7095891 Q/P (aka +4)   
Ex1 C-34T rs5030737 A/D (Codon 52) R52C D = low
Ex1 G-27A rs1800450 A/B (Codon 54) G54D B = low
Ex1 G-18A rs1800451 A/C (Codon 57) G57E C = low
IVS2 G-630A rs4935046    
IVS2 T-250C rs1838066    
IVS3 G-28C rs930508    
Ex4 C+5G rs930507    
Ex4 T-1483C rs10082466    
Ex4 G-1067A rs10824792    
Ex4 G-901A rs2120132    
Ex4 G-710A rs2099902    
  1. NOTE: Six common variants form secretor haplotypes including -618, -289, -65, Ex1 -34, Ex1 -27, Ex1 – 18. Nomenclature for description of sequence variations is described in