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Table 4 Diagnostic accuracy of serum procalcitonin for the discrimination between gram positive and gram negative bacteremia in critically ill patients with clinical sepsis and positive blood cultures.

From: Serum procalcitonin elevation in critically ill patients at the onset of bacteremia caused by either gram negative or gram positive bacteria

PCT cutoff value (ng/mL) Sensitivity Specificity Positive predictive value Negative predictive value Likelihood ratio + Likelihood ratio -
PCT > 16.0 95% CI 75.0% [61.0–86.0] 82.2% [68.0–92.0] 83.0% [69.0–92.0] 74.0% [60.0–85.0] 4.21 [1.91–10.7] 0.30 [0.15–0.57]
  1. PCT: Procalcitonin; CI: Confidence Interval.