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Table 4 Mutations selected on ARV therapy.

From: Transmitted drug resistance, selection of resistance mutations and moderate antiretroviral efficacy in HIV-2: Analysis of the HIV-2 Belgium and Luxembourg database

Patient ARV drug regimens Mutations selected in the PR Mutations selected in the RT Corresponding line in table 2
A d4T-3TC-NFV V62A, V71I, L99F M184V 14
  d4T-ABC-LPV/r + S43I, K45R, V47A, I89V + I10V, K35T, K82R, Y115F, Q151M 3
B AZT-3TC-ABC   M184V 20
  d4T-3TC-ABC-TDF   + A62V, K65R, V111I 17
C AZT-3TC-NVP   Q151M, M184V 23
  ddI-TDF-ABC   + K65R, N69T, V111I, D218E 18
  3TC-ABC-TDF   + I90V, S215T 21
D d4T-3TC-NFV T56A, V62M, V71I M184V 11
E d4T-3TC-NFV V71I/T (*)   5
F 3TC-ABC-FPV/r I54M, I89V, L90M M184V 27
G AZT-3TC-ABC   K65R, N69S, V83I, I90V, V111I, M184I/V, F214L, Q151M, Y115F 16
H AZT-3TC-ABC   M184V 22
  TDF-FTC-ATV/r L90M   6
I AZT-3TC-ABC   M184V, K70N, K35R, K64R, K82R, Q151M 19