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Table 4 Water samples taken at different locations of Røros waterworks from 24 April to 15 May 2007

From: A large waterborne outbreak of campylobacteriosis in Norway: The need to focus on distribution system safety

Date Sample type Sampling site# Tested for Result
24 April Weekly routine 1,2,3,4 as described* Satisfactory
1 May Weekly routine National holiday   No sample taken
8 May Quarterly routine 4, 5, 6, 7 as described and: pH Satisfactory
    Conductivity at 25°C Satisfactory
    Intestinal enterococci Satisfactory
9 May Quarterly routine Dairy main intake Coliform bacteria Coliform proven
    Total count at 22°C High CFU in all tap samples
    Cl. perfringens Satisfactory
    Intestinal enterococci Satisfactory
11 May Investigation 1,2,5 Coliform bacteria Satisfactory
    Campylobacter Satisfactory
11 May Investigation Slaughterhouse Coliform bacteria Satisfactory
    Total count at 22°C Satisfactory
    Intestinal enteroccoci Satisfactory
    Cl. perfringens Satisfactory
11 May Investigation 6 Coliform bacteria Satisfactory
    Total count at 22°C Satisfactory
15 May Weekly routine 1,2,3,4 as described Satisfactory
22 May Weekly routine 4,5,6,7 as described Satisfactory
  1. # 1 municipal workers room, 2 airport, 3 hotel, 4 waterworks pump station, 5 fire station, 6 dairy, 7 nursing home
  2. * As described in the Methods section